The Central Hub to Manage All Your Employee Training.

That’s Genius Enterprise.

Genius Enterprise empowers government and corporate organizations to meet their complex training needs. Our user-friendly platform provides innovative, automated, and extendable solutions that can be seamlessly configured to meet unique challenges.  

Our solution centralizes and integrates comprehensive capabilities that offer, deliver, manage, and track training, professional development, and certification programs for enterprises and organizations seeking to train and up-skill their stakeholders, from employees to customers.

Genius Enterprise provides administrative solutions for training programs across multiple sectors, including:

Enterprises seeking to train and upskill employees
Federal, state, and local agencies needing to efficiently deliver training to their employees
Nonprofit organizations looking to power learning and development initiatives   

Genius Enterprise delivers

Fully automated self-service registration
Single focal point for tracking all training, no matter how it’s delivered
Comprehensive integration across an organization’s entire IT ecosystem
Built-in reports and report-construction tools to monitor program effectiveness

Genius Enterprise. Streamline your operations and get more time to focus on your learning initiatives.

Genius Enterprise. Learner-focused and customer-centric.

Genius Enterprise provides government and corporate organizations with a unified and intuitive platform that can be scaled to meet growing requirements for training, professional development, and certification.

Manages apprenticeships, experiential learning, and personal and professional development
Tracks skills-based, hands-on training
Comprehensive enrollment and self-service capabilities
Enables monitoring of compliance and progress with delegated/distributed administration
Provides ready-made integrations with most commercial LMSs and payment gateways 
Enables digital credential generation  
Includes high-quality templated reports and learner dashboards 
Offers quick, accurate reports that meet the latest state and federal standards
Handles diverse program variables with ease 
Designed to rigorously protect student personal information 

Genius solutions for leading organizations

What Clients Are Saying

As system admins, we find the Genius system highly efficient for end-user account administration. We have also enjoyed the instructor role functions and think this aligns nicely with our LMS. Genius has a versatile report builder that has been great for our use case. We appreciate the Genius support team who have been responsive to our needs.”
Kristen Childress
Technical Development and Support Manager, West Virginia Departments of Health,
Health Facilities, and Human Services – Office of Shared Administration