GENIUS CLASS is the leader in student information systems for online learning programs and institutions:

  • State Virtual Schools
  • District Virtual and Online Schools
  • Private Virtual and Online Schools
  • Online Charter Schools
  • Consortiums of Districts and Intermediate Units

Online K-12 Schools Operate Differently Than Traditional Schools and Need A Unique Solution to Run Effectively

These virtual and blended educational programs require customized solutions:

Specifically designed for online learning to support needs such as rolling enrollments, self-pacing, and integration with multiple LMS providers
Providing support for admissions and self-registration processes
Enabling seamless automation processes to track and monitor student progress and activity
Branded microsites and distributed administration hierarchy to mimic your organizational structure
Delivering powerful communication tools, dashboards, and reports

Genius Class ensures virtual and blended schools can deliver highly effective, centralized, and scalable K-12 operations.    

Genius Class Clients